Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey Everyone, Ashley (Hipp) here!

I am not sure why, now in June 2009, that you all here on my heart. As I stated in my Facebook message, I was challenged by the idea of stillness and was remembering the time we all shared in Switzerland. The Day Alone With God, for me was one of the most influential experiences I have had to date. I have had the opportunity to be with many great leaders, and this day had the most impact.

At times, it was easy to forget. I get to busy and have different priorities than I would have had on a leadership trip to Europe. You get back into the swing of things, and it is easy to realign your priorities. I have done so since being in college. Wrapping up my college career, I am now getting back to the point that I was in 2006. I feel like I am needing God more than ever before. When I went on the trip, fresh out of High School graduation, I felt like I could take on the world, that I could change the world. Now three years later, I am just back to that point.

I know what is important again, and I have not been silent before God since Switzerland.

I remember walking down the path towards Lake Zurich from our hostile in Rapperswill, looking at the gorgeous Alps, and just weaping before God. I was so in love, and felt closer to him than I had ever before. It was raw, and I felt like I let God into my hear fully. I felt like I was exposed and as people passed me as my arms were raised in the middle of the path...I thought I hope they can understand my English. I want everyone to know that God is God, and that he is here.

I always used to be timid with my relationship with Christ, I never wanted to shout what I was feeling from the rooftops, but in Switzerland, they all heard.

I want to be in that place again, and hope all of you do as well.

I am commiting to take a day, this June to be exposed to God again, and listen.

It is a scary thing, at least for me, to sit before God and listen. Truly listen. I have things that I do everyday that if I sat before God and said, he I am, I will do what YOU want, I would be scared if he told me to change.

I dont want my routine to so set, that I would not want God to direct me.

We all need Gods direction, and it is our duty to ask it of Him, and trust that He will speak to us.

Please ALL of you, post on this blog, and share where you are. Whether you are growing, or far away from Him, fill us in.

I am sure that all of you feel the same as I do when I say that you guys are the people I feel most comfortable with, simply becuase you shared those few weeks together. I think we all deserve to know whats going on, and I miss all of you!

I am excited to see where you all are now, and what God is doing!

-Ashley H