Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You have not because you ask not...

Recently I have jumped back into the pool of prayer. I hadn't strayed from it necessarily, but I didn't use it as an outlet to get through my day, or to call on God for help...I try to find my own way out of things...or get by. But me and my boyfriend Craig pray together each night before we leave each other for the day, and in the past few days there have been almost comical answers to prayer. It's the little things that blow my mind when it comes to prayer. He sent me a text saying he was stuck in traffic on his way to work, and he HATES being late, and I don't think he had ever been late anywhere! So I was like...Ah, God I pray that you would give him an extra lane so that he can make it on time. He I-90 just cleared out I thought....sheesh. This stuff really works! I was praying over a job situation...seeing as I'm unemployed, and out of the blue the human resource department emailed me saying that they had my resume. What a blessing, because I am broke.
I don't know if you all are as amazed as I was at the little things I mentioned, but I know for a fact that God answers prayers and all we have to do is ask.
James 4:2. In the bible there are so many verses that share that all you have to call on God and he will provide or answer what you call on him for. I think it is easy to try to do everything ourselves or google solutions when we're one sentence away from getting what we need.
I was encouraged. So I challenge you to ask for something you haven't asked for yet...mean it in all sincerity and who knows...maybe you'll get the email you were anxiously awaiting or you may even get a clear interstate for once. :)